Help Pages


Bidding online is much the same as bidding for an item in our auction room in the real world. But for those of you who have not taken part in an online auction this page will address how the process works. We have broken it down in to some bite-size sections for you: 

  1. Bidding
  2. Auto bidding
  3. Combination Lots
  4. Tracking your own bidding history
  5. Have I won?
  6. Finding lots
  7. Feature Auctions
  8. Shipping Agents
  9. Storage Contractors
  10. VAT Documentation
  11. Export/Import from the UK


The one interesting feature to note on our site is that bidding updates in real time. This means you do not have to reload or refresh the page to find out what the current highest bid is. The page will update automatically every three seconds. This means your winning and losing status will be updated in real time as bids are entered by other users against your own bids.