Combination Lots

You will notice that we sometimes group two or more individual lots into "Combination Lots".

The "Combination Lots" mechanism gives our customers a simple way to place a bid on a number of related items.  i.e. a specific machine tool and associated ancillary equipment.

Bids can still be placed on individual lots in the traditional manner.

If the "Combination Lot" attracts a higher price than all of the individual lots together then the highest bidder for the combination wins the collection, and the individual lot bidders lose.

However, if the highest bid for the "Combination Lot" is lower than the highest bids for all the individual lots added together then the highest bidders for the individual lots win the item they bid for, and the highest bidder for the combination loses.

On the rare occasion that both the individual lots and the "Combination Lot" end at the same highest bid total the "Combination Lot" would be the lot that wins.

All of the above is subject to our standard Terms and Conditions, and the Reserve price being met.