Lotto *: Combination of Lots 2 - 6A

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29 mag 2019 15:00:00 BST
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Combination of Lots 2 - 6A

2 - Lisec Type RTL -25VNP Automatic Washing and Drying Machine. S/No. 158724 maximum Workable Height 2500mm, Thickness 3 - 21mm with Type RTVN - 32/25WE Infeed Station. S/No. 158723 and RTVN - 15/25ST Outfeed Station. S/No. 158725 (1998)


3 - Lisec RSVN - 38/25U Assembly Station. S/No. 158726 (1998)


4 - Comec Inkprint 70LPE Marking Machine. S/No. 0830 (1996)


5 - Lisec Type FPLN - 25/25Z Flat Press. S/No. 158728 (1998) comprising RTVN-15/25ST Infeed Station. S/No. 158727 (1998) and RTVN - 11/25ST Outfeed Station. S/No. 171406 (2000), RTVN - 15/25ST Outfeed Station. S/No. 381.002432 (2000) and RTVN - 11/25VE Outfeed Station. S/No. 381.002433 (2000)


6 - Lisec Type VL - 1N/25 Automatic Sealing System. S/No. 381.002434 (2000) comprising DOS - 1TH Butyl Dosing Station. S/No. 365.002435 (2000)


6A - DGT Type Speed Gas Filling Machine. S/No. 737 (2007)

Please Note: This lot is located in Busca, Italy. Unfortunately, there are no loading facilities available on site, dismantling and loading will be at the cost of purchaser.

Buyer's premium

Buyer's Premium will be charged at 18%.


IVA applicata pari al 22%.

Export Info

The purchaser shall at it's own costs be responsible for disconnecting, dismantling and removing items purchased from the auction location. If the purchaser is intending to export items purchased at the auction it shall be responsible at its own cost for ensuring compliance with all Italian export conditions and the obtaining of any applicable Export Licences

Informazioni aggiuntive

Ho letto e accettato le condizioni di vendita insieme ai termini ultimi di pagamento e ritiro per questa asta.

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