Lot 1: Correa Diana 25 CNC Bed Type Milling Machine (2007)

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Correa Diana 25 CNC Bed Type Milling Machine (2007) with Heidenhain iTNC530 Control, UDG-40 2.5 Deg Auto-Indexing Milling Head, Spindle Speed 3000rpm, Table Size 2800 x 900mm, Max Table Load 4000kgs, X/Y/Z = 2500/1000/1000mm, Ultra-Fast Machining Type UFM X1205 Spindle Speeder (Ratio 1:5/9600rpm), 12 x BT50 Tool Holders (Back End Only), Drilled/Tapped Raiser Block 600 x 500 x 380mm. S/No. 624037. Country of Origin: Spain

Please Note: This lot is located in Bedford, UK. Unfortunately, there are no loading facilities available on-site, dismantling and loading will be at the cost of the purchaser. All/Any tooling is being offered as specifically described.

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